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The Garden of Good and Evil Pancakes (Published April 17, 2014 by EAB Publishing): Don’t you hate it when you may (or may not) be trapped endlessly in a Village Inn with your ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend, coincidentally your ex-best friend? That’s the kind of day Cassandra is having. In a homogenized world that is left mostly empty so everyone can feel comfortable, The Garden of Good and Evil Pancakes explores the fictions we tell ourselves, and the fictions we tell ourselves about the fictions we tell ourselves.

Bones Buried in the Dirt: This novel in short story form was published by River Otter Press on January 1, 2013 (available at Amazon.comTattered Cover, and Melancholy Poet Books). The individual pieces together tell an overall story in the voice of a young boy named Peter.  Ranging from Peter at age four to Peter at age twelve, the stories focus on the sort of moments in childhood that get buried in the mind but never fully get absorbed, the moments that constantly come to mind later in life and shape what sort of individual people become. Read more...






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