Bones Buried in the Dirt Discussion Questions:

1. People often refer to the innocence of children. In which ways do the characters of Bones Buried in the Dirt possess that kind of innocence? In which ways do they lack that innocence?

2. Do you think the main character, Peter, is basically a good person? What incidents in the novel bring you to that conclusion? Does your opinion change during the course of the narrative?

3. Modern psychological commentators frequently assert that young boys engage in more physical power struggles whereas young girls engage in more psychological power struggles. Is this supposition supported or contradicted in Buried in the Dirt? How are the power struggles of the children in the book different from or similar to adult power struggles?

4. How do you feel that Peter does in the various power struggles in the book? What brings you to that conclusion?

5. What incidents in your own childhood, or in the lives of a child that you know, did the book make you think of?

6. What types of mistakes does Peter or other characters make during the book? Are those mistakes understandable or not?

7. After reading the book, what was your opinion of Steven? Do you think that your opinion might have been manipulated in any way by the fact that you only know him through the information Peter provides?

8. What is your opinion of the parenting performed by the adults in the novel? Similar to question 7, do you think that might have been manipulated by what Peter chose to relay?

9. Overall, do you think Peter has a good childhood, or a bad childhood?

10. Bones Buried in the Dirt purports to suggest through its stories what sort of person the main character will become as an adult. Based on your reading, what sort of adult do you think Peter will become?