The Garden of Good and Evil Pancakes

(Published April 17, 2014 by EAB Publishing)

Don’t you hate it when you may (or may not) be trapped endlessly in a Village Inn with your ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend, coincidentally your ex-best friend? That’s the kind of day Cassandra is having. In a homogenized world that is left mostly empty so everyone can feel comfortable, The Garden of Good and Evil Pancakes explores the fictions we tell ourselves, and the fictions we tell ourselves about the fictions we tell ourselves.

2015 National Indie Excellence Awards finalist in humor

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Here is a sample chapter and some reading questions I came up with.

Scope out the book trailer (by the incomparable AE Stueve).

Check out the video of me reading the first chapter of The Garden of Good and Evil Pancakes at the 2014 Nebraska Book Festival.

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 Advance Praise:

"David S. Atkinson grasps the “secret” of striking fiction (or should I say, nightmares?), he knows you’ve got “to find some place where the facts didn’t shout so loud,” and in this unnerving Garden (or should I say, inferno?), he’s found a place full of whispers (or should I say, moans?). These insidious pieces develop like an advent calendar on which the surface seems drab yet unsettled, the stuff of Raymond Carver, and yet behind each door hide the eyepopping, amoral fairyfolk of Henry Darger. Don’t wait till December to start." –John Domini, author of The Sea-God’s Herb

"The Garden of Good and Evil Pancakes is a modern-day Waiting for Godot set in a diner, only with more engaging dialogue and fully-realized characters. At times Atkinson will have you asking what you want for dinner. But by the end, you’ll be asking what you want for (and from) life. A brilliant achievement of existentialism without the pretension. " –Nathaniel Tower, author of Nagging Wives, Foolish Husbands and Managing Editor of Bartleby Snopes Literary Magazine and Press

"Hell is other people and pancakes. Or to be more accurate, purgatory is other people and pancakes–and friendships and heartaches and the dull, deceiving comfort of things staying exactly the same. Be careful what you wish for in David S. Atkinson’s funny, flippant book – you just might get it, along with endless coffee refills and a lifetime of breakfast food." –Amber Sparks, author of May We Shed These Human Bodies

"Reading David Atkinson’s The Garden of Good and Evil Pancakes instills the same sort of hunger that got me into literary fiction in the first place. It brings with it humor and honesty while managing to be clever and sickly sweet. That savory combination isn’t found very often. Buy the book and dive in with a short stack drenched in maple syrup." -Michael J Seidlinger, author of The Laughter of Strangers

"My vision of hell involves being trapped in a Wal-Mart, but in The Garden of Good and Evil Pancakes, David S. Atkinson makes a good case for Village Inn. On the other hand, he argues that it could be heaven: drinks are refilled, breakfast is always served, and the check never arrives. What more could you want? Filled with a cast of characters brought to life through the vivid imagination of Cassandra, lovers of literary fiction will enjoy this wildly inventive story. I know I did!" -Jeremy Morong, author of On The Backs of Dragons